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April 19, 2010

Chikka minute!

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This week is my second week here at Chikka, and I’m currently enjoying the casual and friendly environment in our office, as well as the freedom to plurk and visit facebook once in a while XD.

There was an orientation-brunch on the first day, and I learned how Chikka started and grew. Up until then, I didn’t know that Chikka Messenger was the world’s FIRST instant messenger integrated with mobile features. I’m really honored to work in a Filipino company which has revolutionized softwares used by millions of subscribers all around the world.

I was designated in the mobile team together with fellow UP Diliman students, Berns Cinco and Aica Palce, and Aurielle Lee from UP Manila.

So far, we have been studying the coding standards and the PHP library of the company. We have also been assigned projects to work on. We need to recode some of the subscription services powered by Chikka, and we’re currently on the planning phase.

I’m looking forward for another awesome week. 😀

~Diel a.k.a Angela


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