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April 19, 2010

First week at Chikka — A lookback

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I started working at Chikka a week before this blog post.

To be honest, I actually felt very apprehensive the night before the internship started.  Many questions popped in my mind:  who are the people?  Are they nice?  What am I expected to do?  Is it gonna be stressful?  And most importantly… do I know enough to be of any use to the company?

I felt scared at the idea of being the worst out of the group, and I expected that we would instantly get to work on the first day after the orientation.  I slept at around 4am (I have to wake up at 6am), studying PHP and MySQL because during the interview they told me those are the technologies we’ll use.  I’ve had some experience with PHP back in our CS192 subject, but it was mostly just user interaction;   I left the database interaction with my groupmates since I haven’t taken CS165 back then.

Everything turned out to be the opposite of what I expected.  The first day was actually very fun.  I arrived at around 8:30am and met Angela Barnes, who is a fellow student at UPD.  I didn’t recognize her at first because she wasn’t wearing glasses.  I met Jamaica Palce afterwards, though I don’t actually remember seeing her at the university.   The orientation was fun.  The Chikka HR people had a presentation at some resto, which told us about Chikka’s colorful history.  Because it was held in a resto, there was food.  A LOT OF FOOD.  There was a lot of leftovers and even if I wanted to eat more, I just could not eat another bite.

They briefed us about what we should do when going to work (like logging in our times), grouped us depending on which department we’ll be working in (I got grouped with the Mobile Team), then introduced us to our team leads.  A moment later, I noticed that we were actually grouped based on our universities.  After answering some of our questions, we were deployed to our appropriate departments.

I already met Diel and Aica, but there was another co-intern.  I met Aurielle Lee when we were finally deployed, and found out that even though she studied at UP like us, she actually studied at UP Manila.  We first installed important software (including leisure software, like Gtalk, lol), then basically just waited till the day ended.

Look at the far right.

The first few days were quite difficult for me since I was still adjusting to work life.  But overtime, I felt more and more at home at Chikka that when the weekends came, I actually wished we had work that day because working at Chikka is a very fun experience.  I am learning a lot, and meeting a lot of cool people, and the overall atmosphere is the opposite of what I’d call a “overly-corporate feel”.  That phrase is what I use to describe companies that have people who treat everything as SRSBZNESS.  The aura in the office is pretty laid back, which is EXACTLY what I was looking for in a company.

Overall, turning down an offer from another company in favor of Chikka was one of the best decisions I’ve made.  My co-interns are really fun people, as well as the Chikka regulars.  :3

Well, off to another great week!



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