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April 19, 2010

progress report 1 =)

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Wednesday marked the first official day of my On-the-Job Training. Together with Charmane Santiago, we started our work under the Research and Development department of New Simulator Training Center of the Philippines, inc. (NSCPi). It’s a relatively small company, and though IT is not the main focus of this company, the RND department consists of a team experienced in the field.

On our first day the department head discussed the project we will be doing for our internship. We were tasked to develop a centralized system for the company’s inventory, as well as for the monitoring of all purchases and deliveries. After the brief discussion, we then proceeded to interview the necessary people regarding the company’s policies and current system.

We spent the following days on brainstorming and follow-up interviews to come up with an approach that will satisfy all the requirements for the system. After a few more discussions with Sir Alvin and Sir Marvin, our project supervisors, we finally came up with the project plan. Though they gave us the freedom on which language to use, we decided to follow their recommendations on using the .NET platform, which is what the company uses for all its existing systems. Though we would have been more comfortable with using Java, we thought that this time we’d step out of our comfort zones and take on the challenge of learning something new. This afternoon we have started learning about .NET from Sir Marvin, who will give us a few more tutorials for the next couple of days.

We have settled on developing a browser-based system using ASP.NET and MySQL. Hopefully, by the end of this week we’d have learned everything we need to get the system up and running before the internship ends. =)

The work is a bit serious, but the people are really friendly and accommodating. And true enough, i really am getting a taste of projects and programming beyond the classroom. XD

-Riela =)

P.S. pictures to follow!


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