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April 20, 2010

Planning, Schema, Flow Charts and the Language

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Day2 (Planning):

Day 2 was all about planning. We identified technical tasks needed to be conducted and the resources required for the project. We also created a gantt chart to help us budget the time to finish the project.

We were also able to create the schema and flowcharts necessary for the project. We will present this tomorrow to Sir Alvin and Sir Marvin for finalization.

Day 3 (Schema, Flow Chart and the Language):

We presented to Sir Alvin and Sir Marvin the schema and flowcharts that we created yesterday. It was able to meet the requirements that they demanded to us, but we weren’t able to think that we must create another table for the deliveries until Sir Alvin pointed to us about it.  This table will be very important in purchasing items. We failed to realize that not all purchased items are delivered in a single trip. Thus, another table is needed for monitoring delivered items. We were only able to make the schema for non-consumable items, consumable items, supplier, issuance, and purchasing because these were the only things that we saw to the forms that we gathered two days ago. This only shows that the data gathering we conducted was insufficient. We also learned to not just rely on the data or forms we have and we must analyze what else might be needed.

They also asked us to just put the non-consumable items and consumable items into one table. Originally, we thought it’s necessary to put these two entities into two different tables since there are attributes that exists to one but not to another. But then we realized that we can just leave the inapplicable fields empty for an item. Also they pointed to us that if we merge them into one table, data access will be more efficient since we will now only look up to a single table.

Here is the final schema:

We have also decided to make the project browser-based because through servers, data will be more secure and backups will be possible since the company has a mirror of their server. Specifically, we will use VB.NET, ASP.NET and MySQL.


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