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April 20, 2010

The Project and Data Gathering

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We were introduced to the employees and were toured around the office. The people are friendly and helpful. I also liked the environment of our office, peaceful but not that intimidating. We had a meeting with Sir Alvin (Network Administrator) about the project that we will be working on within the span of our internship program. The project basically will cover the management of the purchasing, issuing and inventory system of the company. It must be able to provide an automation of the processes and activities done by the purchasing officer, suppliers and employees. The goal is to provide a running centralized system that will automate the processes involved in the inventory of the company. Also, by implementing bar codes in the items and employees, it must eradicate the problems and issues that the current manual operations bring.

That same day, we interviewed Miss Beth Mendoza, the purchasing officer of NSCPI. When we visited the office, the first thing I noticed is that the entire inventory is saved only in a single computer. Thus, data are vulnerable and we must think of the best way to backup these data. We gathered samples from the existing inventory system that she uses. We also asked her of the problems she encounters when using the said system.  We were also able to get copies of important forms used in purchasing and issuing items.

Poor coordination is the major problem that Miss Beth pointed to us. The issuance of items is troublesome. There are employees that do not get the items they need by themselves instead, they ask other persons to get it for them. Issuance slips are not properly filled out also. Equipments are shifted in another location without informing her. She has had several problems matching the weekly and quarterly reports with the inventory.

We then discussed with Miss Ann the policies and use cases of the company.


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