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April 21, 2010

GSoC 2010 Week 1 Part 2

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Thursday, April 15. PHP and Globe API.

Although Lyle and I used PHP/MySQL on our CS 192 project, I never had a formal lesson about PHP. I try to read PHP and other Web Dev related stuff on my free time but I never had much time to get to the advanced chapters. Sir Greg Igaya of Globe Labs facilitated today’s lecture. I learned a lot, especially my PHP learning during CS 192 and CS 165 is somehow selective. I only learned the ones used in the project.

After the PHP lecture, he taught us Globe API basics by giving us exercises. He lent us mobile phones. We did the following:

  1. Send SMS from pc to mobile phone
  2. Send MMS from pc to mobile phone
  3. Receive SMS from phone to pc
  4. Send SMS (your name) from mobile phone to pc, and the pc should reply “Hello (your name)” to the same mobile phone

My Workstation

Mobile phone for the exercise

Also, our group finally thought of something thanks to this lecture. 🙂

Friday, April 16. Usability 101: GUI design for Web & Wap

Ms. April Cabello of Globe Product Design Department talked about the guidelines in making an effective GUI. Interestingly enough, all of our lecturers so far and Sir Romy are graduates from UPd — and all of them are not CS. For example, Ms.April and Sir Romy are both from Mass Comm and Sir Greg is an Econ graduate. Where do the UPd CS people go? :-S

GUI design for WAP is really a challenge, the screen size and functions are limited so you have to prioritize your app’s features. As an exercise, we were asked to create wireframes of munchpunch.com.

After lunch, we presented our project proposals to Sir Romy.  Sadly, I’m not allowed to write about the features of the application but we will be using PHP/MySQL and Globe API. I’m excited for our project but quite a little sad because I will be using PHP and MySQL again. Well, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t explore and learn more about Android dev, right? 🙂

That was my first week. I really had fun and now my co-interns and I are so close. It’s also fun that we could talk to Sir Romy about anything, from hiphop dancing to photography (he is an excellent photographer!).

I think my next entries wouldn’t be as long as this because we are now in the project making phase.

Happy coding everyone 🙂


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  1. Regards to Romy – please ask him to check his email. Sent him a couple. 😀

    Comment by rom — April 21, 2010 @ 7:11 pm

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