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April 21, 2010

My Internship Conquest: First Day at MIC

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April 20 marks the official start of my internship in MIC. But, first things first — lunch.

The Lunch Meeting

It was my first time there. Thanks to Sir Tim de Dios, a former member of the DCS faculty and now my internship supervisor.

While eating, he asked me how do I see myself three to five years from now. “I want to teach first,” I told him. Perhaps, he knew I doubted what I said. As a former professor, he explained how five years of teaching in UP, in a way, helped him build his career and exposed him to many opportunities in exchange for an average starting pay. He had his masters while teaching, and along the way, he built connections with companies and other non-academic organizations that later hired him. The idea of teaching was not so bad afterall.

It wasn’t just a chat, but more of an inspiring lecture. He spoke of things which I never learned from any subject I have taken. “Your grades are not really that important. It is how driven you are,” he said. A grade of one is as good as passing and is as good as a three. Five is failing. Like what he mentioned, what matters is how I apply what I’ve learned in CS to pass employment exams, and use my experience from GE subjects to impress them on interviews. Obviously, a diploma is still a requirement.

I’m happy with good grades, but I don’t have a clear plan for a career. I’m not surprised if he knew of it already. “You still have one year but you should know it by now,” he added. Well, it was embarrassing but true. Somehow, I realized how much he wanted to inspire.

I really never thought of teaching. I was actually an MBB major,” he said before leaving.

Microsoft Innovation Center

Machines and Work Area

When we returned to NEC, we had a tour inside the office. I’ll definitely say, it’s conducive for work since it is well lighted, air-conditioned, there is enough space for everyone and they have a conference area for meetings and presentations. It is merely just a room, but surely a haven for computer science people. There are laptops, books, software and food — just right I guess.

This center, located at the NEC, is an initiative of Sir Tim and the MIC group to serve as a connection between the academe and the industry. They let students use software from Microsoft for free and let them work on new technologies offered by the company.

Books, Magazines and a Robot

Having a Windows Live account was the first thing he required. With that, I had access to Skydrive, Live Space, Live Writer, Live Mesh and other interesting applications provided by Microsoft.

Eventually, he asked us to check on some tools that we may use for the project such as .Net, Visual Studio 2010 Express and the Silverlight.

Internship Life Cycle

As a part of our internship, we shall invite students, preferably, from outside the university. Each intern will be assigned to present one of the newest technologies of Microsoft, some of which are not yet released in the market.

We shall spend the whole April learning and playing with the applications provided by the MIC. And by May, we can start working on our individual projects using these tools.


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