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April 22, 2010


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Currently reading up on JavaScript and trying to retrieve what knowledge i’ve had of CSS and HTML, in preparation for the designing proper of our project’s interface. I’ve never really been involved with any browser-based project before, but even with all the things i have yet to learn, i am quite excited. =)

Though ASP.NET has it’s built in components for creating web forms, the toolbox is quite limited and i find myself constantly searching the web for more solutions to my layouting needs. This afternoon we had another discussion with our project supervisors, who allowed us to venture outside the realms of ASP.NET when it comes to the design. Since I am quite new to this, they’ve been kind enough to offer assistance to my learning and even lent me a number of books to study at home. XD

Tomorrow (or later, i mean) i shall learn more and hopefully be able to finalize the prototypes for all the forms and views.

Before i end this post, a quick recap of what has happened this past week:
-finished our project plan
-AND, assembled the desktop computers for our workstation!

-riela =)


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