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April 22, 2010

It Begins

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Summer internship begins!

Well actually, it began two weeks ago. It might be a while before I find myself immersed in the whole ‘working’ idea though, especially since I find the CRS internship unique. The atmosphere there is casual but professional at the same time–I find that very puzzling. But I guess U.P. can pull off anything… or is that simply the way things go in our country?

Putting that side, I am happy to report that my fellow interns and I have yet to come late for work! This miraculous phenomenon is the result of an elegant and clever scheduling solution created by the judicious minds of our supervisors. The solution? Well, the gist of it is time abstraction. You see, when time is abstracted, generalization takes place, and generalization allows flexibility. (wink wink, nudge nudge)

Down to business. So far, we’ve had our hands on the M-V-C framework of the CRS design. CodeIgniter is a noteworthy tool that we had to familiarize ourselves with. It’s an “open source web application framework that helps you write kick-ass PHP programs,” according to the official website. It goes without saying that we touched up on some PHP coding. Recently, we also got a taste of AJAX and JSON.

Apart from that, my fellow interns and I were assigned our module, which is the computerized version of the S.E.T. (Student Evaluation of Teacher survey). And yes, I’m aware that it’s been a student project for the nth time! If this finally takes off, it would finally be off the 192/165 project proposal list of the incoming juniors. Hah!

Recent days were all about interviews and the user interface design for the S.E.T. preparation module. Basically, the preparation module will allow the university to update and remake the survey. We haven’t gone farther than that.

Yet another white board photo:

SET UI Planning

That’s it for now!



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