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April 22, 2010


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Today marked my first serious working day. We were given a task by Sir Tim – to learn and play with the Windows Multipoint SDK. Multipoint is a technology by Microsoft wherein one can use multiple mice at the same time. Lyle and I were excited to be given our first real task. We immediately tried to make a simple application. However, the version of his SDK was 1.1 and mine was 1.5, but I didn’t realize that at first. I was wondering why I am only able to add two references, when in fact there were five. I installed and uninstalled the SDK for at least five times before realizing that I had an upgraded version of the SDK.

Whenever I learn a new technology, I always look for tutorials on the Internet. Sadly, there were none with this one. But luckily, there was a Getting Started guide. Now here comes the problem. I did everything the guide said, but I am still not able to show the mouse pointers. It took me the whole afternoon to find out what was missing. And it was this line:

Hopefully, Microsoft would add that to the instructions the next time they edit the guide. Anyway, here is the outcome of my whole day anguish:

I am hoping to make and finish a Multipoint application, a Memory Game, tomorrow 🙂


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