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April 22, 2010

PC Assembling, VB.Net and ASP.NET 101

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Yey! The company provided us brand new computers for the project. The supplier finally had it delivered to us. The computers’ specs are superb, with 4 gig mem (well, compare to my laptop’s 2 gig mem). I super love the Samsung LCD monitor they bought for us. I’ve wanted to use a monitor that huge since I started using my mini laptop.

Now let’s go to the best part of the day – PC Assembling! J This is my first experience of putting the hard disk, memory cards, disk drive, mother board, WiFi card, etc together to build a pc.  Thanks Sir Nino!

We also started learning VB.NE T with Sir Marvin. Like Java, it is an Object – Oriented programming language that’s why we don’t have difficulties understanding it. It is a language that we can relate so much to. Sir Marvin told us that VB.NET was actually created to compete with Java. The main advantage however of Java is that it is open-source and unlike VB.NET and ASP.NET which are Microsoft properties, you can get it for free. However, I also see a lot of benefits that VB.NET and ASP.NET offer.

ASP.NET is a programming framework for Web Applications. It uses the Common Language Runtime (CLR) provided by the .NET Framework that allows objects written in different languages (VB.NET, C#, J# …) to interact with each other.  Thus, programmers that code in different languages can work together in a same project.

ADO.NET was also introduced to us.  This is the database access that ASP.NET uses. It consists of two components: Data Set and Data Provider. Data Set is a disconnected (which adds extra security), in-memory representation of data. It is like a duplicate copy of the original database where all queries are executed, and after that changes are made in the original database.  On the other hand, Data Provider is the one responsible for providing and maintaining the connection to the database.


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