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April 23, 2010

CRS Week 1 (April 5-8)

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April 5, 2010 officially marked the first day of my internship in CRS. The CRS team (Sir Kyl, Ma’am Via, Peter, Karl, JC and Mary) gave us a warm welcome and made us feel easy and comfortable. They were really kind and approachable. The place is really very nice too. There were also a lot of free food.

The first week was all about familiarizing ourselves with the system, the overview of the CRS’s processes. No programming was done yet; what we did was support and testing. Sir Kyl said that it is good that we experience first support and testing first so that we already know what to expect when we release our modules.

We also experienced being a part of CRS-support. Since that week was in line to our enrollment, we received a lot of mails with concerns and problems regarding the CRS, tried to figure them out and solve some of it. I remember my first email reply. I was really nervous and excited. I’m happy that it turned out all well. We also experienced a lot of testing during the first week. We tried to find bugs and report them to the CRS team. Every bug that we find gives me bliss. It’s not that I’m happy that there is a bug but rather I’m happy because even if we weren’t programming yet we get to become of use to a system that we belong. (up next: CRS Week 2 April 12 – 16 )


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