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April 23, 2010


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I had really long been planning for this summer’s agenda – CS195 or my On-The-Job training because I know for a fact that this experience would be very useful in my senior life and moreover in my adult, working life. I have taken this “planning” very seriously that I sent resumes at every Computer Science hiring company there is at the job fair and even those openings I see at the internet. I was very fortunate to have been accepted by the company which I really eyed for – Cisco Systems Philippines. Aside from it being a renowned leader in network technologies, it would also be a stepping stone for me to have in-depth prior knowledge and understanding of my longed for Network and Distributed Systems Laboratory Group. Even if it meant for me to turn down a couple of companies that are also willing to give me the same opportunities alongside this. There was a bit of dilemma when I was enrolling – I was both given slots in PI100 and CS195. Taking both subjects this semester would be an edge as being enlisted in PI100 is a very sought after chance. I asked the company and they are more than willing to accommodate me in the given schedule. When I was going to enrol already, I wasn’t allowed to enrol any subject alongside CS195, so this disheartened me but as I sought advice from Sir Rom – my outlook changed. Sir Rom was able to enlighten me that being an intern in a company is a very rare chance and this was a great venue for me to take since this would let me undergo real life situations in the field and since the time given for us to finish this internship is merely 180-240 hours – that wasn’t enough. Adding a subject to that environment would not only give more stress but also another hindrance in learning more from the industry – so I cancelled the PI100 I got and pushed through with the CS195. Work was to start on April 19, but even before my first day of work, I was shown around by Ms. Ara of Cisco Systems Phils.  She showed to me and explained what the interns usually do at Cisco Systems Philippines. This internship would definitely be a big help for me to have a firsthand experience with the latest technologies in mobile and network systems as she showed me their IP phones, servers, and routers, as this could somehow give me a glimpse and even also be a basis of my undergraduate thesis as I am eyeing to get into the Network and Distributed Systems Group.

 When I got to their office, I was really like a child at the McDonald’s Play Place. I was really excited to work right there and then because of the great amenities and very formal and yet inviting atmosphere of the office.


 I was the first UP student to do my internship there and was also the first Computer Science undergraduate, since more often DLSU ECE students were the ones who have their internships there.

“Life’s simple; you make choices and don’t look back.” 😀

– jL (Jose Luis)


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