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April 24, 2010

Calm before the storm

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This week, three new interns joined us. They are Tina (DLSU-M, CS), Precious (PUP, CoE) and Benedict (St.Paul’s U, IT). Instead of creating a fourth group, they were distributed among the 3 existing groups since they missed most of the lectures. I’m a bit worried though, as Ma’am Leah put it in our CS 192 days, “Mahirap kung 3 ang programmer sa isang team, yung isa taga-timpla nalang ng kape.” We got Tina as our third programmer. I hope we could distribute the tasks really well, so that we all have something to do (considering our project has a limited scope).
We had our last lecture last Tuesday. Sir JP Alcala of O&B talked about J2ME, or Java Platform, Mobile Edition (JME) rather. I recognized Sir JP as he was one of the judges in ABITSC Finals. Coding in JME is harder than Java SE because:
  1. Unlike in other languages, we have to optimize early in JME. This is a contradiction to the saying that “Premature optimization is the root of all evil.”
  2. We have to be conscious of memory usage. After all, we are dealing with mobile phones, not desktops.
  3. We should keep method calls to a minimum. That means no getters & setters.
As usual, we created a Hello World application (midlet).

We also presented a more detailed project proposal last Tue. Since Globe is a service-oriented company, their main concern is what the user could do with the application. We presented the user’s tasks and Sir Romy liked the idea of our project. He warned us though, that not all great ideas are executed smoothly.

Most people at the office are out, because of the Globe Challenge for Android. Only Sir Paul is the only one who is left at the office. Sir Romy is at Cebu since Wednesday. We’re trying to concentrate on our work and not fall into temptations (especially without supervision).

The rest of the week has been dedicated to planning and design phase. We’ve already made html forms, created a detailed plan (gameplan sounds better) and distributed the modules. I’ve been helping Tanjo, our User Analyst from UP CBA, in the identification of modules and scheduling. I’m glad that I am able to apply what I learned in CS 192 and from our Project Management lectures. Other schools don’t have a course like CS 192, wherein you work for a client and handle a project. Because of CS 192, I am able to contribute to our group a more or less realistic schedule.

Next week, things get more serious as we will finish the design phase (hello ERDs) and start coding. I am usually a UI person but I volunteered for the more technical stuff (ie. receive and response mechanism for the system; communication via SMS). Learning PHP/MySQL may take a while, so I volunteered for the harder(?) parts since I’m the only one in the group who has a PHP/MySQL background.

I’m really glad I’m part of the Globe Labs interns because most of the things that we do is WebDev related. 🙂 That’s the field I really want to pursue.


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