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April 24, 2010

Change of Plan

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Taking cs195 was really out of my plan this summer. I already got 2 GE’s in the pre-enlistment (both were MST’s!).

I was planning to relax and enjoy the summer vacation. But now I found myself taking my internship at CRS.

–the SURFACE—-

During the first week I’ve seen an overview of what’s life in the CRS. I’ve seen how busy the CRS team during  registration period, I became part of the CRS support, tested some modules, no programming yet.

I’ve learned that CRS is  not only concern on the preenlistment, student profile and viewing of grades. It also have to do in the management of dorm application, and other stuffs for the OUR.

–the INSIDE–

Second week, is going into the deeper part or seeing CRS beneath. I’ve learned code igniter with its m-v-c development pattern (which is really cool! since it really eases the job of developers), basics of web developing languages (i.e. HTML, PHP, Javascript, Jquery with Ajax). We were given exercises to make simple modules for us  to practice using Code Igniter and this languages. We easily learned by understanding the existing codes of the CRS website.


And this week…

We’ve already been assigned of our modules. By the way the module assigned to me was Student Enrolment History Module. Gladly, I already finished the interface which I was actually worrying I wouldn’t accomplish. It’s really fulfilling that you’re accomplishing something and making progress.

You see I was actually afraid, I actually doubted on my skills. But I faced my fear and took the challenge because I know I would learn and get much out of this internship. Right now I’m enjoying not just being with my co-interns but also being with the rest of the CRS team. They’re really kind and I’m really learning from them.  Not just the techie stuffs but also lessons from their experiences in the business and a lot of things. They really want us to learn and encouraging us to do our best.

No regrets!

I know I made a very wise decision. =o)

– “A”
Learn. Enjoy. Work hard!


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