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April 25, 2010

First Project: LeaveApp

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Blog #4

April 22, 2010 ( Thursday )

I started the day by writing this blog. All interns are now working as one team for the Leave Application. My co-intern Allan is celebrating his birthday today!!!. I added some UI to my Shopping Cart in the afternoon. The Leave App have many functions and modules, so I familiarized myself with them first before looking at the codes. We as a group discussed how will we start our work with the Leave App, we also rearranged our room so we could work better.

Another intern who has worked for the Leave App discussed with us what are the things we should do with the App. After, We had a group discussion and decided to gain knowledge about the Leave App first then start working.

Things we discussed:

* We need to handle Role Management

* We need to study the Leave App codes, especially the FormController.groovy and UserController.groovy

* We need to have a way how to restrict pages to regular users

April 23, 2010 ( Friday )

I started the task of role management, in the morning. I added a new button in the Administrators main page (“Manage Pages”). This  button is linked to another web page, the manage.gsp ( gsp means grails server page ). Since the Leave App has already been started by other developers, I had to study all files first before I can edit them. Having little familiarity with the codes, I found what file I should edit. We will have our project planning later, so now I really don’t have much idea yet.

Our project planning lasted about two hours, we discussed the breakdown of different tasks, and their priorities. Role maintenance is one of our main task. We raised a valued card for each task ( cards are numbered using Fibonacci numbers, these numbers represents the number of hours needed to finish the task ). The group have to coincide with a decision, so each member have to defend his number choice.

Our sprint ( a short period of time where a certain task has to be done and have to deliver something to the client ) will be one week, next week that is.


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