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April 25, 2010

Preparing for the Projects

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Blog #2

April 12, 2010 ( Monday )

I wasn’t able to go to office last April 8 because I have to enroll for summer. One of our superiors told us to sign up at the Globe Labs Android competition set on April 19.

Sir Red ( another Software Engineer ) had a Groovy session with us ( we programmed fib and prime as well ). He first provided a short discussion and then we proceed to writing our programs.

Us interns spent the rest of the day reading the book, playing table tennis, drinking Milo and trying out groovy codes.

April 13, 2010 ( Tuesday )

Test Driven Software Development makes better software, that is the idea of our session with Sir Vince on Unit Testing. Some spreadsheets of current O&B projects were shown to us during the session. He also said that it is better to write your test cases first before starting to code your program.

A chat with the LeaveApp project, lead Sir Joel was conducted earlier, he told us that all interns will be working as a team and will be assigned to different projects: LeaveApp, HRIS and TimeSheetApp.

April 14, 2010 ( Wednesday )

I’ve already installed grails, so I started trying out some grails applications. Before lunch, Sir Joel assigned allan and me to proof read some Java notes and lecture slides for syntax and grammatical errors. Our GlobeLabs android confirmation was also sent to us. I continued on proof reading the slides and learning grails alternately.

April 15, 2010 ( Thursday )

Went to UP to get my endorsement letter and to give a copy of my form 5. I arrived at O&B almost 12 noon, I joined my two other co-interns with Sir Red having a grails tutorial. I had to work double time to catch up. We had lunch after some minutes and then worked on making our Grails-based Blog Application. We did unit test for our grails App and also studied relationships on grails.

April 16, 2010 ( Friday, Pay Day!!! )

In the morning, We got introduced to the three projects that we will be handling. Cramming to finish the Shopping Cart App, I’m having some difficulty, because it also uses HTML and CSS to manage its pages. What good about grails is that it makes the job of the developer easier because some parts of code are already generated by the system. I have done some parts of the Shopping Cart, more to go!!! Android convention on Monday!!! and lastly, Pay Day Today!!!


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