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April 25, 2010

Starting Grails

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Blog #3

April 19, 2010 ( Monday )

I arrived at O&B around 8:30am to get my laptop, we then headed to SMX convention center. 10am, thats right, we arrived late for the convention, but no worries, nothing much have been discussed. We were given installation CDs for Android and a person from Globe explained the contest mechanics.

Lunch time! Me, Thea and Andrew had lunch and headed back to SMX. We did a bunch of Android applications as Sir Butch from O&B is discussing. The android applications are great, especially the games. Although the convention was a little too advanced for me ( other participants are already developing android Apps ), still I enjoyed it ( we were given 200 PhP gift certificates! ).

April 20, 2010 ( Tuesday )

We moved to our very own room ( aquarium they said, because of glass walls ), we even have a toilet room inside ^_^. Sir Red made us draw the ERD of the Shopping Cart and listed it in a normalized form. After that we proceed with applying these in grails. I wasn’t able to listen in the last part of our groups discussion because I was assigned to have a code review session with our new co-intern Jeric. Luckily, the files we did earlier for the Shopping Cart in Grails was sent to me through email.

Allan and Thea also started with the Leave Application, Andrew and Me will be helping Jeric with grails tomorrow.

April 21, 2010 ( Wednesday )

Nothing much happened in the morning, Jeric started reading the book. Allan and Thea continued understanding the Leave App and I studied the Grails-based Shopping Cart that i missed yesterday. We have to teach Grails to Jeric, since Allan and Thea are not doing anything yet for LeaveApp, they helped us teaching Jeric. We spent the rest of the day continuing to study the LeaveApp project.

Our co-interns Erika and Jesicca, were the business analysts. They were assigned to help our project manager with her work. I already have access to the LeaveApp ( finally ), so I also tried studying it. Tomorrow I’ll continue doing the Shopping Cart and the Leave App.


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