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April 25, 2010

the first two

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I’ve never been good with socializing and getting to know new people, but the CRS team has made it very easy for me (and all of us new interns) to blend in. They are all very accommodating, and they always try to make us feel comfortable in the workplace.

Our first week at the UP CC, we experienced firsthand just how much problems could come up during the university’s registration period. I hadn’t even known about CRS Support before I got here, so I figure there’s still a great part of UP’s population that doesn’t know about it either. Considering that, I can’t imagine just how much e-mails the Support is going to get if absolutely everyone knew about it.

In order to resolve some of the concerns of the users, we had to learn how to use a module of the OUR online system made by Peter Francisco. I never actually got to respond to any of the e-mails sent in because by the time we (Sam and I) got to the e-mail, the issue was already resolved/in the process of being resolved (Mary, Karl, Peter, and JC work fast). That or the issue was just something that was out of the scope of my very limited knowledge regarding the online modules.

The second week at CRS made me realize just how haphazard and chaotic our project for CS 192 was. I found out just how much there is still to learn, and I’m glad I’m getting the chance to. Peter served as our ‘mentor’ for the second week. He gave us lectures about the necessary tools and resources we would be using when we’re finally given modules to construct. I’m still trying to get used to writing code in JQuery, JSON, Javascript, PHP (and CodeIgniter), HTML, and CSS all at the same time. It’s a little hard to wrap your mind around when you’re new to pretty much everything, but we can always consult the team when there’s something we need to ask. The same week, Sir Roel Ocampo treated us to dinner at Amici at SM North. The food was delicious as usual, and I had fun just talking with my fellow interns and the team.

This coming week, I’m hoping I finally make some substantial progress with the project assigned to us. Wish us luck!


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