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April 25, 2010

Week 2 at Chikka

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Last week, our immediate team leader, Sir Joel,  finally gave us our project on which we can work on. He split the team into pairs and gave us two projects. I get to be with Diel (Angela Barnes). 🙂 As soon as we received the specifications of the project, Sir Joel instructed us to construct flow charts to guide us during our implementation.

Diel and I decided to divide the work so that we could finish the task ahead of time. As soon as we finished constructing flow charts, we had our team leader check it for revisions. Then we modified it according to the revisions instructed to us.

After the flow charts, Sir Joel distributed the work between Diel and I. However, we are not allowed to share the project specifications. 😦 After this, we spent the rest of the days coding. Luckily, Sir Joel helps and guides us always. We are comfortable asking him questions since he is very accommodating and friendly.

Here is a picture of the UPD Interns  with Sir Joel:



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