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April 26, 2010

Chikka Week #2 — Cockroach

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Week 2 ended just a few days ago, and finally, we actually got to do actual work, unlike the lol-stress-free “work” we had in the first week.  I did get to meet 3 new “friends”.

Going along with the flow

When the first week ended, we were still doing flowcharts by the end of the week.  Sir Joel (one of our team leads) instructed us to just polish the flowchart until we meet him again in Tuesday, because he told us he won’t be at the office at Monday.

Drawing flowcharts isn’t exactly a stressful job, but it requires a lot of consultation because it is deeply involved with Chikka’s framework.  Me and Iehl used Visio (using our own MSDNAA accounts), while Diel and Aica stuck to Dia (a free open-source flowchart maker).  I preferred Visio because it’s free (for us anyway), and because it supports grid snapping and that’s what others use.

Roaches, thousands of them!  Well… not really.

By Wednesday, we started doing some actual work, where we would actually write code.  Despite me reading the bazillion documentations many many times, I still found it difficult to code.  They gave us a sample PHP project so that we’d have an idea how things go, but even studying that was challenging.  First of all, you start reading Class #1.  Then of course, you read it line by line, encounter Class #2, so you jump to that class and read it.  But when you read #2,  you find out that it also has subclasses a, b, c, d, e… z, and obviously, if you really want to have a solid grasp on the classes, you’d need to read up on all of them (hint:  there’s a LOT of them, probably more classes than all the classes you made during college… COMBINED!).

On the same day, ma’am Kira’s warnings during our first day started to rear its ugly, furry, head.   She told us there were a lot of roaches in the building.  True to her word, just as soon as she said that, we found a baby cockroach.  I’ve never seen one at the office ever since… until today.  I killed three cockroaches in one day.  I used to be really phobic at cockroaches, until I realized that if I don’t kill them, they’ll just crawl over my face when I sleep, so I might as well take the initia — *smack*, cockroach in my room.   I should plant a Threepeater in my room.  Me: 4, Cockroaches: 0.

Well, that’s really it for the week.  We just continued coding our project while heavily referencing the sample project they gave us, and I suppose it’ll be the same again this week, unless rats attack us the next time.

Oh, and PICS NAO


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