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April 26, 2010

Overview of the Past Weeks

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Taking an internship program for was a bit unexpected for me because I was planning to take classes this summer. It was only a week before summer that I’ve received confirmation from one of the companies I’ve applied to, Azeus, that they have accepted me as one of their interns. I was a little hesitant at first because being an intern would mean adjusting to a new environment. But I accepted the offer in the end because I thought it would be a nice experience to learn new things outside the confines of the classroom.

Our OJT started on April5. In our first week, we were introduced to what we are going to do in the following weeks and which part we are assigned to work on. I was teamed with a schoolmate, Edgar, and we were assigned to work on the Server side of the project. We were taught Java Servlet Programming using two classes in Java: HttpServlet and CometProcessor. We were also introduced to AJAX, JavaScript, JSP, JSON, XML, among others, so that we could be familiar with the other parts of the project. We practiced coding the second week and just last week, we started with the design phase for our project.

Initially, there are ten of us interns: two from UP Manila and UP Los Baños, three from Ateneo and UP Diliman. And just last week, five interns from La Salle arrived. Working as a team is a bit challenging but this is really how it is done in the real world. It is also nice working with them and we are already getting used to it somehow. 🙂

– Lynzle


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