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April 26, 2010

Touch the Color!

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After days of learning the basics of C#, now I have an output.

Using C# and Multipoint, I recreated the game called Touch the Color! It’s a clicking game where, obviously, you have the click the color you’re told to click. But for a change, I made it a multi-player game.

Touch the Color!

I’m not sure if it’s cool but it’s something new for a pc game — Two cursors on one screen with two play areas for two players.


Well, it’s all because of Multipoint, a technology which was created at the Microsoft Research India. The idea came from the report reflecting the lack of computers in rural schools in India.  And to reduce this large student-to-computer ratio, they created Multipoint to let two or more people have access on a computer at the same time — imagine a single pc which can serve around eight students just by having their own usb mouse.


Anyway, wonder why it wasn’t called Multimouse? As they say, this technology has a lot of potentials. But, it takes a lot of imagination and creativity to create a new and unique application, for this cool and interesting technology.

I believe, Multipoint won’t be stuck with mice — imagine eight keyboards plugged on a single pc.


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