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April 26, 2010

Rules of Engagement

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‘It’s hard to climb up in a very high slide, but sliding down makes it worth the effort’

I was oriented and interviewed about the things that I would have to do in the UP Computerized Registration System or better known as CRS. The nature of work was also discussed upon. Information Systems Management. The CRS caters to about 25,000 clients including student, faculties, colleges, registrar’s office, and a lot more. The tasks are close to impossible. The nature of work was fast paced. Deadlines cannot be moved. Especially when an announcement was made that a particular module or part will be already available on a specified date.

Work ethics are also important. First of all, humility. A person needs to be open for the ideas of other people. A person will never improve and learn if he thinks he was always right. Next would be commitment. It was explained to us through an anecdote.

“What is the difference between commitment and involvement?”
“In a breakfast meal, there’s ham and an egg. The chicken provides the egg, and the pig provides the ham. Now tell me who’s involved and who’s committed?”
“The chicken laid the eggs, but the pig died to provide the ham”

Maybe it’s pretty obvious who the committed one is. It doesn’t mean that we have to die for our work.  And last, spontaneity. Being spontaneous is important. It doesn’t mean when a simple specification such as error checking, we do not need to worry about it. Human beings are not robots that do only the tasks they’re told upon.

After the interview, we were allowed to join with our co-interns and co-workers.


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