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April 27, 2010

Baking vs. Igniting

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Last week was all about learning and coding using CakePHP. Although it took us a while to get used to its conventions, we were now ready to start doing the application.

Most of us had a background on CodeIgniter which is also a framework used for web applications. We reviewed the specifications of the project and proposed to Sir Francis if we could do it using CodeIgniter. His main concern was the maintenance / support of the project. When the project is done, he’s the one who will be contacted in case errors / bugs arise in the program. Secondly, he knows CakePHP more than CodeIgniter.

Between the two frameworks, we can surely code faster and more efficiently if we used CodeIgniter. In the end, we took on the challenge to use CakePHP and hope to progress as the week ends.

When the conversation ended, I remembered one important thing Sir Francis said:

“We tend to cling on the programming language we know. That’s what programmers do. =)”


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