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April 27, 2010

I am officially working.. Yay!

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Today marks my first official day of working for Engineering Orange this summer. And by official, I mean getting a work station and starting the coding phase of the project.

I have been a part of this project since the first semester of last school year as a student assistant and I have decided to continue working on this project as my OJT. I just figured that it’s better to spend my summer doing something that I have already started rather than taking my OJT somewhere else wherein I have to do another project as well as completing my tasks in Orange.

What Is Engineering Orange?

Engineering Orange is the online Resume Repository of the College of Engineering. Submitting a resume is a MUST for students in order for them to graduate. Though I am pretty sure that there are graduates who failed to submit their resumes. Companies subscribe to this site in order to gain access to these resumes.

This is similar to the resume book that CAPES sells to companies. The college used to have a resume book but decided that it’s better to make it an online repository.

My Progress So Far

As the appointed Secretary of Engineering Orange, I am assigned to place javadoc annotations to all the classes and methods in the program. I am about 70% done in this task. There is this one class that I am not sure if I would document or not. I was intimidated by the Automatically-generated-do-not-modify-manually comment in this class. Plus there are still some methods that I’m not yet sure what they do or are for. I’m still in the process of tracing and studying the code.

Coding-wise I have started creating the option of retrieving a forgotten password. I know that this is a simple task but I’m still trying to figure out the syntax involved. Instead of using Symfony as our framework, the team decided to use Google Web Toolkit or  GWT instead. So this meant shifting from php to Java. And even in my 3 years of working with Java, I’m still kind of lost when it comes to GWT.

Thoughts about my First Day

I am happy that I finally have a work schedule. It’s very hard for me to get the job done if I don’t have a schedule to follow. However, I was a bit worried and scared that I might not make my deadlines or that my progress is very slow. Especially that I wasn’t able to finish my task for today, which was to set up all the technologies I would need for Orange.

But I think that I can manage, at least for this week. My goal for this week is not that difficult anyway. I just hope that I can really balance everything that I have to do.

– Camille


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