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April 27, 2010

Pizza: Solving Your Daily Needs

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Today, I spent approximately 3 hours editing the wrong file. >__< I was so frustrated. I kept on checking my code and wondered what went wrong. I gave up when Ma’am Rica, one of our team leaders invited us to eat some pizza. When I went back to my station and continued coding , I noticed that I was modifying a different file.  It turned out that I was editing a file from the sample app instead of a file from our project. Oh well. At least I learned my lesson. Always eat before you code. Joke. Haha. Seriously, always look at the file you are editing and the file you are accessing. Don’t rush on coding.

On the other hand, I am able to finish the tasks given to me by Sir Joel. Yay! I am now waiting for Sir Joel’s comments to my codes. I hope there are no problems. I can’t wait for our service subscription be deployed!:)

So for everyone who is coding right now, here is a slice of pizza for inspiration: =))

~ Aica



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