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April 27, 2010

UI Design

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Day 6: One of the most crucial parts of project-making is designing its user interface. A working program is useless if the user cannot grasp how it works or how he can make it work. We have to consider the valid forms and input allowed and  maintain the consistency of the system every time someone uses it.  Also, we must always have a backup plan just in case something goes wrong.

There can be problems with the consistency of the quantity of each item in the database. An item can have multiple units. Say a bond paper can be in boxes or in reams. How will you record it in the database? It can also be a box of 3 reams, or 4 or 5.  And what if you order 5 boxes and the supplier made a partial delivery (3 boxes and 2 reams on the first day, 1 box and 2 reams on the second day)? Also we must consider in what units the employees get items.

Every item in the inventory will be provided a barcode, so every time a user gets an item in the stock room, he just needs to scan the item and his ID to the reader and it will be automatically reflected to the database. However, what if the barcode reader becomes incapable of scanning the item? As Murphy’s Law says, if something can go wrong it will. So we decided to put fields in our design where a user can also manually input the item and employee’s barcodes.


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