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April 28, 2010

First Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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I am not excited to go to work. In fact, I am so unexcited that I woke up at 5 am when my work starts at 8. And I am only 45 minutes away from my work. Plus I take less than 10 minutes in the shower. So what the heck am I going to do with my remaining 125 hours of unexcitement?

It’s my first day of work. And my principle is to always start with a good bang. Being punctual is one of the requirements. My requirements. Together with my brother in faith (my churchmate and co-intern Kuya Kevin), we traveled the rural highways of Laguna and entered the new world of Calamba Techno Park. It was like my first day of CS 11, everything was incredibly fresh and pleasing.

We arrived at work minutes later after 8. So much for punctuality. Actually, it was traffic. There was someone campaigning at the middle of SLEX. Good thing I didn’t get his name, because I really won’t vote for him. Grrr~

Anyway. As Kuya Kevin opened the door to the IT Department (which I will simply call IT), there was my IT supervisor, Sir Jovy. I smiled the usual Hello Sir! I am here! smile. At the side were two young men, JR and Dons – my co-interns. They were brothers and were classmates of Kuya Kevin at AMA IT is better here! Somewhere near Sir Jovy was yet another young fellow. I thought he was also my co-intern but then they started calling him Sir Neal. Oops.

I sat at the instruction of Sir Jovy, picking a seat at the middle. He told me to wait until 9 because I need to get first my ID and timecard at the HR Department. And so I waited, like a child on a dentist’s clinic. It was 8:15.

And that was the longest 45 minutes in my life.

[9 am]
Sir, excuse me, punta na po ako sa HR. I muttered (nervous).

Sure. He simply replied.

Sir, ok na po. Hintayin ko na lang daw po bukas yung timecard.

Ok. Wait ka lang diyan. Hintayin natin yung partner mo.

Ooh.. flow chart… Me talking to myself, tracing all the paths in the chart at the white board. Where’s my partner?

Coding guidelines: Comments on every code snippet…

Pao, ok ka lang diyan? It was Kuya Kevin.

(smile) (nod) I faked it. I was bored to death.

FE15: Fire Extinguisher No. 15. So there are no less than 15 fire extinguishers here huh?

Hello? Oh? Yeah. Ok… Sir Jovy was talking to someone at the phone.

Hindi ka makakapasok? Bakit? I guess that was my partner he told me before.

Sige. Ok lang. Bye.

Sir Jovy caught my drooping eyes. Oh no. I looked stupid, I swear.

Awkward silence.

Paul, halika dito. Sir Jovy said, motioning his hand. And then I was alive! Those words implicitly saying: Come here, I have a mission for you. Wow! This was the reason I got up early in the morning! Come on Sir, bring it on!

And then the next minute, Sir threw to me the details of the system, from the database to the php-based website; that my task for today is to finish the database of the system using MySQL and make a sample site using of course PHP, HTML and Javascript. I know nothing about Javascript! I was like croo~ croo~ croo~. What’s that again Sir?

And to whom much is given, much is required, God says. I entered Jae Saeng Phon with the pride of being a fighting maroon, but this day God humbled me. He has given me much background, a strong foundation, in computer science, and so He expects much from me. They all expect much from me.

At the thought of this, Sir Jovy asked, Kaya mo ba lahat today?

Yes Sir. I said without any pride but only with the confidence that God is right here with me, ready to instruct me.

At the end of the day I only finished creating the database. But Sir said it was ok. He was actually amazed to see my database because he wasn’t expecting me to put foreign key constraints and other nifties, yet. Well, I guess in the end, it was me who expected much from myself after all.

Lesson for the day:

If you are a great person, then expect great problems.
God doesn’t give topological sorting problem to nine-year-olds.


JSP · PHP · MySQL · Luke 12:48


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