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April 28, 2010

Third Week

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camille mich isa

This week marks Camille’s first official week of working for the Engineering Orange…and now we’re three in the company. Even though we’re working on different projects, it’s better to have someone to lean when you don’t know what to do or somebody to cheer you up when you’re already feeling restless. =D

I had a meeting with Dr.Caro for the first time this afternoon regarding my project. He told me that the project assigned to me as well as Mich’s project will be integrated to the CRS; plus, there are some data that I’ll need from Mich’s project and from the CRS so I should get/be familiar with the tables they used in their database. I was asked to work on the database of the CV and tomorrow I’ll be meeting him again to report what I have done.

Meanwhile, I already talked with Sir Kyl regarding the CRS database, but he said we still have to write to the registrar regarding the details of the data we need before he could give them to me and mostly likely, there should be a working application that uses the database (even just a dummy database that substitute the tables we needed from the CRS) before we can be permitted to have the data. 🙂



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