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April 28, 2010

Chikka Week #3a — It’s Pizza Time!

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A word of advice:  if you need to lose weight, don’t work at Chikka.

Om nom nom nom nom… ah so filling!

Even at our first day at Chikka, ma’am Kira and ma’am Twinkle Tuason (one of our team leads) told us “Tataba kayo dito sa Chikka”.  Cripes!  I don’t think I need more fattening.  Last Tuesday, Chikka ordered another pizza, but this time it’s one of those pizzas that are big enough to cover a whole table, sliced in squares.  Sure the dough is thin, but who  cares?  I love pizza!

So anyways, Monday was a pretty okay day.  I arrived at the office at around 9am because I fell asleep a lot longer than I should have after waking up.  I got to ride on that… mini bus thing for the first time.  It’s slightly larger than a jeep and is air-conditioned, and I had to stand for nearly an hour with my neck bent forward because it wasn’t really vertically spacious.

Anyways, we continued to work.  Can’t exactly discuss the details due to NDA.  I worked on PHP files which would handle input from users (through text, since it’s a mobile app), which the PHP files would process and perform certain database queries.  I heavily based it on the sample they gave us (which sir Joel admitted was actually fairly dated), but of course it’s not exactly easy, because it must conform strictly to the company’s standards and framework.  The main challenge about this is the conformity itself;  coding in PHP isn’t hard, but I have to follow the standard software process that the company does.  I ended up finishing most of the tasks for the whole project that day.

Later, turns out me being late was a blessing in disguise, because the company ordered pizza which I talked about.  Poor Diel is always punctual when it comes to leaving work (don’t kill me D:), so she missed food for the second time.  Aica was lucky to have decided to stay until 7pm with Iehl.

Don’t stop when you’re done.  Try to shoulder the work of others.

I didn’t have a lot to do on Tuesday.  I just fixed the bugs and other issues I discovered that day.  However, since I had a lot of time in my hand, I decided to do some of Iehl’s work because she’s still working on the other task that was given to her, which also related to PHP and MySQL.  I suppose I could drop the general idea of the project, but I’ll talk to our team lead first if it’s okay to mention.  (Tune in for next week…?)

By the end of the day, I managed to do I think around… 2/3 of the solo tasks given to her.  Remember, we both have solo tasks of our own, but we also have a group task that we should work on together.  If I was at school, I probably wouldn’t do it because I’d need that time for my other subjects, but work is different.   I remember reading some words of wisdom back then.  I can’t remember the exact words, but it goes like this:  “One person is paid more than another person because of the responsibilities he carries.  A janitor’s failure to do his work will not have consequences as dire as a CEO making a business mistake.”.

(PS.  I am NOT belittling janitors.  Anyone who works with honor is a person I respect.  It was just the example used in what I’ve read.)

Taking alternatives for the better

This Wednesday, I decided to try and see if I take a ride home that is cheaper.  All this time, I always rode an FX in front of Megamall, but it had a fixed fare worth P45, which is a lot if you factor how many weeks there are in summer.  I knew it’d be cheaper to take the bus at Robinson’s Galleria, since on my first day I took the *wrong* FX and ended up very far into Floodway, which is perpendicular to where I need to go.  This is Floodway, and it’s late at night, and I’ve never been there.   Took an FX back to Robinsons then took a bus home which cost me P15.50.

I tried to see if I can walk from Tektite Towers to Robinsons, but I’ve never done it before, so I had Iehl lead the way.  Probably took me roughly 20-30 mins to get there, plus another 30 mins to actually ride a bus.  It’s a lot nearer than I expected, but it takes longer and it’s harder to get to ride a bus where there’s space enough to stand.  I might end up going home from there everyday since the exercise will do me good.  😛

And of course, PICS NAO.  This is the whole Chikka intern team stationed at Ortigas.  There are 3 others, but they were moved to the Makati  office.  Diel took this pic using Iehl’s phone since she left her camera.

(quality is awful!)


( nah, just kidding.  It’s fine. :P)




  1. are you having fun at chikka? la lang. just asking :))

    Comment by cixi — April 28, 2010 @ 9:49 pm

    • Yeesh! Masaya kasi ang company, feels open and laid back. :))

      Dapat kasi may pics man lang kayo sa Globe, kahit yung gate lang ng building niyo, hehe.

      Comment by bernardojr — April 28, 2010 @ 9:55 pm

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