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April 28, 2010

Doing the Project

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Blog #5

April 26, 2010 ( Monday )

We officially started doing our LeaveApp project. I was assigned on doing the UI of the project. There is already a UI, so what I have to do is to modify that to comply with the new functionalities that we have to add.

We also had our first ever stand up meeting where every member of the team has to report to the whole group the progress of his work, what has he already did, what he is currently doing, what he will do next and what are his encountered impediments. I’m still having trouble with HTML, I know very little of it, so I have to study while doing the project.

I and another intern were working on the UI, so we collaborated our works to finish the task. Unfortunately, we seem to have underestimated the task, we rated it to be 3-hour task only, however, as we are going through the task, the group realized that new features has to be added. The whole day went through, the whole team is busy on the project, luckily, I managed to take breaks every once in a while to keep me from being bored.

Our PMBA, told us that we will be assigned to a new project next week, so we should work double time for this project. For the mean time, since my eyes are already tired, I decided to continue working tomorrow ^_^.

To know more about the Leave App: LeaveApp Pages , Role Maintenance

April 27, 2010 ( Tuesday )

I arrived a little early at office, I began editing my code. Also, I encountered some JavaScript and PHP while making my UI better. One of the software developer gave us advice that we should also study Ajax, so I spent the rest of the day studying and advancing in the project as well. We also had our second stand up meeting.

I just continued my task yesterday, but as our trainer is not around, I have nobody to ask my questions regarding the codes. I am now done with my first UI task, I will now begin with the added tasks. I have to add a new page where the system administrator can manage the availability of pages to each user role.

View the User Role Matrix here

According to our PMBA, one of the most important functionality of the Leave App is the Role maintenance. We have to manage pages that are accessible to each type of user.

I’m done with the basic UI of the ‘Level of Access’ page, what I still need to do is to make it functional, tomorrows we’ll do that.

April 28, 2010 ( Wednesday )

My team mate have already integrated my work with hers, our trainer was replaced with another software developer, so he is the one helping us with our difficulties.

Leave App Modules:

  • LSAS Manual
  • Leave Information
  • Account Information’
  • Leave List
  • Leave Replenishment
  • Employee List
  • Apply for Leave
  • Forms filed to You
  • Change Password
  • List of Roles

Andrew, Thea and me decided to integrate all of our works and we also made some changes to the directories of our files. I made some changes on Andrew’s work, but those were just minimal. Our trainer is here! so he is filled with our questions. Jerick and allan are still having trouble with the unit test, while jessica and erika are also busy doing the test cases.

I made myself busy with editing our code and figuring out a way to store the values saved on the radio buttons and check boxes. These radio buttons and check boxes will signify the different levels of access of each user on each page. Since I’m already not in the mood of continuing my work, I decided to continue it tomorrow, for the mean time, I started studying the tag libraries in grails. Tomorrow we will also start making tag libraries for our project.


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