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April 28, 2010

From MySQL to SQL

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Well after accomplishing quite good number of tasks regarding MySQL database connection and manipulation in asp.net and vb.net, Sir Alvin has instructed me to shift to Microsoft SQL Server.

Shifting from MySQL to SQL should be really trivial. The commands are of course the same, such as  SELECT, INSERT and DELETE . However I had problems connecting to SQL server. Every time I run the web page, an error occurs.  The SQL server denies my account to access the database. So I asked Mr.Google about it and how to solve it.  I followed the instructions and  double checked the SQL Server name.

From that, I saw that I used the correct data source but still I could not connect to the server. Good thing I saw a post at msdn that talks about this. There is this option in SQL Enterprise Manager where you add a new log in entry to a selected database. I selected ASP from the list and changed the permission properties of all the tables. then, I was finally able to load the page and display the tables from the database I have created.  Whew!


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