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April 28, 2010

Second Week

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isa and mich

Since Mich and I are both working on a web application, we decided to work together to help each other out whenever needed. We spent most of our time, working on the WSG Lab, studying, creating layouts/table designs and planning what to do.

We got a little help from Mark and Jay-r regarding the Form 67 project. They explained to us some things that will be useful in understanding the project like the jsp, html and javascript code. Although this is a little bit different from the Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine, I think it’s a good start because I had some idea on what I should do and how I should work on my project because the forms they used are somewhat similar and related to faculty CV. I actually patterned the layout I did for the faculty cv web page from their project.

Meanwhile, I found GWT relatively easy to understand because it shows some remarkable similarities to programming a Swing application. On the other hand, I found it a little harder to adopt Google App Engine’s BigTable since I already got used to designing relational databases and BigTable is not a relational database; but given that I’ll be using BigTable for the rest of the summer, I hope I’ll get used to it pretty soon. =D



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