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April 29, 2010

Fresh Memories

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Last week has been busy for the CRS team since it was the freshmen pre-enlistment week. This week’s happening….Freshmen Registration! (Oh no this remind me of my foolish freshie experiences :-b)

Our last week’s assignment was on hold, and now…we were given new tasks. By the way, you may already have read that there were seven of us interns in the crs. We were divided into two, and the three of us, Benj , Jo-anne, and I were the ones assigned to create some of the modules for the CRS and OUR website.

I was assigned to create the Change of Program Module. This module is intended for the OUR staff for changing of the student’s program during the enrolment. Back in my freshman registration, I didn’t know that you can change the program you got based on your UPCAT. Hmmm…What if I knew it? Oh I may not be blogging this entry right at this moment anymore…XD That’s what happens when you let yourself just go with the flow, but I believe there’s a reason why I’m here in this course, that’s why I’m trying my best to learn so many things. When I was in first year I had no background in programming, it was one of the challenging stage in my college life :-b First step of learning is by copying sample codes about using loops, arrays, functions, etc. And now this is the technique I used in doing the modules assigned to me. I followed and copied their previous codes, and by understanding these I came up with the interface of my own simple modules. Since for now we are only assigned to make the ‘view’ and ‘controller’ part of the modules (PHP, javascript, jquery programming), I’m looking forward to make the model part which will already involves knowledge in querying the database (using PostgreSQL) .

BUT BEFORE THAT, the modules we created will be put to a thorough TEST (“omg!”) this coming freshmen registration. Oh no! Sir Kyl said that we will be going to OUR next week to attend to problems/ bugs (// *–* crossfingers ) that might occur during enrollment. Hopefully, everything will be all right!!!

– ‘A’


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