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April 29, 2010

Differences and some realizations

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Since the start of the internship program, I have to wake up extra early every morning, because it takes me almost 2 hours to arrive at the office. On regular school days, I don’t arrive late if I wake up around 7 if I have an 8:30am class. In school, (sometimes) it’s okay to be a little late because there’s a 15 minute allowance and some professors don’t start on time. In the workplace, the supervisors and other bosses aren’t always there, but you have to be punctual all the time. It will show on your daily time record.

Everytime I enter and leave the building, I have to write on many logbooks, get a security pass and swipe it on every room that I enter. I have already gotten used to it since we’ve been working at Globe Labs for 3 weeks.

I do almost the same thing everyday. When I arrive, I always smile and greet my co-interns good morning, check my mail and talk to my groupmates about our goals for the day. Since our supervisor isn’t always around, it’s up to us to create our own project schedule. Of course we have to meet certain deadlines (ie. progress reports, final presentation) but the daily tasks depends on the group. Honestly, it’s kind of hard adjusting to that system. In school we are given the breakdown of grades; the professors tell us how to get that 1.0. At work, we are just told that the ultimate goal is to build an application that could be commercialized. There is no specific criteria on how we are going to be graded.

I want to be an excellent intern. I want to be good enough so that the company would consider hiring me in the near future. The basis for being “excellent” isn’t clear but I take that as a challenge. I do my best in everything to make sure. I always keep in mind that I should perform well to get known by the bosses but avoid being mistaken as a person who shows off. Right now, I have diverse and many career options but hey, it’s always good to have at least one company ask you when you graduate. ๐Ÿ™‚

After working on our project tasks in the morning, I hang out and have lunch with my co-interns in the pantry. I don’t bring baon so I buy food from Mini Stop or from a nearby mall. I miss UP a lot, because of its wide selection of food.

My groupmates, Tina and Richard

DLSU people, watching Wowowee

One thing that I’ve learned so far in this internship is that, to be successful at work, you must love what you’re doing. Workmates that are easy to go along with is a bonus. ๐Ÿ™‚ I surely love Web + Mobile Dev and I love my co-interns, so I’m having a blast =D


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