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April 29, 2010

CRS Week 2 (April 12 – 16 )

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In the second week of my internship, we started dwelling “into the code”. We viewed the source code of CRS modules and studied them.

Peter Francisco taught us all the necessary things that we need to know. He patiently taught us how to use CodeIgniter, Php, Javascript, JQuery and Ajax. He taught us CRS’s coding conventions so that our future codes will be inline with the CRS’s existing codes. He also gave us coding exercises to familiarize us how to use these tools “the CRS’s way”.

During this week, we also learned a lot of configuration and troubleshooting courtesy of Sir Kyl and Kuya Karl. They taught us how to use SVN (subversion). They taught us how to configure the tools so that we could be able to connect and create projects using our own machines. I remember having a really bizarre problem when we’re trying to install PostgreSQL. The problem was the service just wouldn’t start. The problem has something to do with the db cluster and the postgres user. We tried troubleshooting (changing the password, checking permissions and ownerships, etc.) and re-installation but it didn’t work. As our last resort, we asked Sir kyl and I was really amazed and inspired on how he solved the problem. 😀

Shifting away from technicalities, during the end of the week Sir Roel treated us to dinner at Amici. It was a treat in celebration to the success of preenlistment. We ate pasta, pizza, anti-pasti, gelato, and cake. The food was great. Thanks a lot Sir Roel 🙂


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  1. Maliit yung pics. 😦

    Comment by bernardojr — April 30, 2010 @ 12:41 am

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