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April 29, 2010

Second Day at Jae Saeng Phon

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Waking up while the sun is still sleeping has been my habit ever since high school. But doing push-ups and sit-ups early in the morning? What the ?!

Again, I woke up very early. It’s not really a big deal. 5 am? It’s quite surprising actually because before, I used to brush my teeth by 4. So I woke up, thinking about what should I do next? I don’t know what got into me but the next thing I know, I was on my palms, trying to raise my torso. I hate push-ups. But it’s what keeps me awake.

I just realized now that I haven’t introduced yet my workplace. Forgive me. My first day at Jae Saeng Phon was over the top. I’ve had a lot to share with a little of a space. You think that my first blog was long? Well, that was actually half of what I wanted to write. But I decided to cut the less interesting parts, like the time when I forgot everything about MySQL and spent three minutes staring at the monitor thinking: Blank. White. Nothing.

Anyway, before anything else, let me tell you now something about my workplace.
Welcome to Jae Saeng Phon!

Jae Saeng Phon (Philippines) is a mobile refurbishing company that was just recently founded sometime last year. It is standing alongside with other high-end companies like AVON, Samsung, and Nestlé.

As of this moment, the people from JSP that I know are:

  1. Mr. Han Thong Low, the General Manager of the company (and the IT Manager as well). He is from Singapore, I heard. He’s strict. Very strict. But Kuya Kevin said he’s also kind. Just don’t let him see you lazily strolling in the hallway.
  2. Ma’am Patricia Madera, the HR Assistant Manager. Jolly. Respectable. She calls all of us IT interns Gwapings. I wonder why. ~humble~ And of course, there are
  3. Sir Jovy and Sir Neal, IT Assistant Manager and Senior Programmer respectively.
  4. I almost forgot Dave. He’s in charge with the tech support in the company.
  5. Oh wait! There’s also Ate Guard (the lady guard at the receiving area) who wanted to learn about computers for the sake of her children.

I think that’s all of them. Yep, they’re all I know at JSP. For now.

I also realized that I haven’t told you my first mission. My task is to create an online version of an existing system that is currently running via Microsoft Excel Macro (new!). Oh yeah, by the way, whenever you see (new!), it means that it’s something that I just learned right now; something new to me.

Last time, I was only able to setup the database for the new version of the system. But this time, I had done pretty much of the task; from making an almost exact replica of the system, to making php pages that accepts user inputs and sends them to the database.

The hardest part in this mission was copying the textfield-and-dropdown feature from the current system. It took me the whole day figuring this out. In the old system (let me call it SIS for Source Inspection System), there are fields where the user can either type the code from a textfield or click the dropdown button of that textfield to choose the code. So it’s like a combo box. That was a good feature actually, but HTML doesn’t allow it.

As it turns out, html textfields cannot have dropdown lists and vice versa. Textfields are generated by the <input> tag, while dropdowns are made using the <select> tag. So clearly, there can’t be editable dropdown lists.

But who says they cannot be overlapped?

God never fails to amaze me during these sudden divine revelations. Whenever I get stuck in a difficult situation, I pause in prayer and ask God: Lord, help me on this. And He always answers back.

Trust in Me with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding, God reminds me.

So with the help of God, I solved the seemingly difficult problem of merging textfields with dropdown lists. And that is by using layers! And oh, I also found this great Javascript from the net that creates an autosuggest list as the user types in the code.

At the end of the day there are still things to be done in the new system. Oh well, God will give me enough time next week. For now, hello weekend!

Lesson for the day:

We may be intelligent, but God knows more. He knows everything. And the good thing is – He is generous. So just trust in Him especially during your dumbest moments and He will make the answers crystal clear.


JSP · MS Excel Macro · Textfield in HTML · Autosuggest Script · Prov 3:5


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