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April 29, 2010

Summer so whoa

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Summer is so hot. And I can go on and on complaining about this. I am sure most of us trainees do not feel this at the confines of our workstations but once we get out, yes hello, heavy suffocating heat. That’s just one story for the whole summer.

Another story, and an interesting one too, goes like this. We have been accessing the forums of this very helpful site for weeks while we learn Flash Actionscript and using  XML, PHP and MySQL with it. Yesterday, we were blocked from accessing the forums of the site, saying that our IP was identical to that of a ‘spammer’. Weird! So we contacted the admin, the response was quick and friendly and we were able to access the very helpful site‘s forums again. YAY!

Post title inspired by the first blog, for the lack of a better one.

~ Reg


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