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April 30, 2010

Aspire, Achieve at Ayala

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Every week, we have an Ayala Summer Interns’ meeting. I look forward to it because of the people and the activities. Last week’s event was held yesterday in Globe Telecom Tower 1 in Mandaluyong. I learned a lot from that meeting and I was able to share my experiences during the internship. We’re required to come in business attire but most of the time the atmosphere’s so casual and fun. But we do know when to talk seriously (and pretend like executives?) especially when there are presentations.

There are more than 60 of us so we were regrouped again so that we could meet more co-Ayala interns. In the group, I met 3 new people — Khuzi (MSU, Stream Global Services), short for Khuzaima (she’s a Maranao), Tasie (Admu, Ayala Systems) and Stacy (Admu, MIS). Stacy and I were both surprised that the MISA and CURSOR president would meet at the Ayala Summer Internship Program. 🙂 I look forward for next Friday and talk with her about org stuff during lunch. 🙂

Some of my groupmates (L-R: Arianne, Richard, Khuzi, JTan)

Tasie, Paolo and I

Kevin and Stacy

Ms. LJ Liao of Globe conducted a workshop entitled “Customer First”. She talked about the principles of a great customer service. We were able to share among our group our recent services or experiences which delighted and dissatisfied us. After the lecture and a short video showing the principles, each group were asked to present their understanding of the principles. All of the groups presented a skit. The best supporting actor (JTan) and actress (Khuzi) came from our group! XD Anyway, I enjoyed the workshop because Ms. LJ is so lively (so lively that I didn’t get bored even for a second) and what she taught really added to our communication skills. As a programmer, I have less human interaction with customers or clients compared to HR people (Hello Khuzi and Arianne!). But what Ms. LJ taught us could come in handy when we have meetings with clients or future bosses. 🙂

After lunch, Mr. Eric Barroquillo of BPI talked about Financial Wellness Program (BPI on Call). It’s about unlocking the hidden wealth of everyone through right Financial Planning. First, we had a diagnostic test to see our current Financial Wellness. I am glad to have an excellent score. 🙂 My mom’s a State Auditor so our family is really into budgeting. Anyway, what really inspired us to improve/maintain our Financial Wellness is Mr. Eric’s life story. He also shared steps on how to manage our money and fulfill our plans.

Here are the general steps for Financial Planning:
1) Know what you want to achieve.
2) Know where you are now.

I also appreciated the lecture because it is very applicable NOW. We will soon be graduating and it helps if we already know how to manage our salaries.

The last part of the programme is Kamustahan. HR heads of the Ayala Group of Companies sat with the interns and facilitated the sharing. We shared our positive experiences and the challenges we are currently facing. Ma’am Sherry of HRMall gave an inspirational/pep talk after, which left me to be more motivated and thankful that I am part of a great internship program. 🙂

Globe Labs interns with Ms. Lissa Sumpaico


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