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April 30, 2010


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My first module’s already on CRS! 😀

Freshman Document Printing module by joanne 😀

But as usual, this is one of the modules that we would never get to see, unless we work in UP in the future or get the administrator password. 😛 The Freshman Document Printing module is used to create the PDF documents needed for the advanced registration of freshmen- the student directory and the request for Form 137 (transcript). It can handle batch printing (by program) or individual printing (for those students who change their degree, etc).

Unlike the previous modules/ test modules that we made, the deadline was set as the specs were given. Meaning, more pressure. I had to finish the view, controller and the pdf  ‘templates’ within one week. But I suppose the time given was just enough, and I never felt like I was being rushed.

Once again, I had to use FPDF. But it wasn’t really the same as TCG printing. For the student directory, the form was saved as an image and I had to position the information and make it fit the corresponding blanks. For the transcript request, I had to create a letter by following the given format, then add the school and student’s information. The biggest challenge was actually making the values fit, especially the VERY LOOONNNGGGG addresses(that can’t help but overlap the space for the contact number) and school names. I wonder how long students of FRANCISCO Q DUQUE MEDICAL FOUNDATION SPECIAL SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL (LYCEUM NORTHWESTERN UNIVERSITY) take to write the name of their school xp. The first time I run my code, I didn’t anticipate such long entries, and the text ended up outside the page. =))

And now, it’s already online. It’s probably being accessed by different departments already. Hope all works well 😀

P.S.: happy birthday sam!!! good luck sa inyo sa SET 😀

– joanne ü


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