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April 30, 2010


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I’m done reading the online articles Sir Tim has assigned to us in preparation for the brainstorming on Tuesday. He told us to list “crazy” thoughts about projects that can be done using Multipoint. For the meantime, I’ll read in advance since he already mentioned that Silverlight is the next tool to learn.


I’ve been asking a few people what they know about this software. “Yeah, I use that to watch movies,” I remember one of them answered this. Actually, I had also encountered a website requiring this tool before I can watch streaming videos from them. So, I had an impression that this is just a simple video streaming tool.

But just recently, Sir Tim mentioned that Silverlight is something more than just a plugin. It is the counterpart of Adobe Flash created by Microsoft. Similar to Flash, it is also a multimedia platform used to add cool animations, interesting graphics and interactivity to plain web pages. Maybe, it just so happened that I knew the Silverlight video plugin first before the actual platform.

I tried it and for the sake of the tradition..

My "Say hello" button

Hello World!

XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language)

XAML, pronounced as /ˈzæməl/, is similar to XBL since it uses templates rather than CSS codes. This is not really a major topic but it would be nice to share this since we’ll be using XAML in our individual projects (though most of you probably know what this is for).

Whenever you create a C# application using Visual Studio, such as a WPF or a Silverlight application, there’s always a corresponding XAML file to your .cs file. It’s as if, XAML is for the user-interface part and the .cs is for the program functionalities.


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