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April 30, 2010

Week 3 at CRS

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The seven of us interns were divided into two: four assigned to developing the online SET module (Sam, JS, Jaeruth, and I) with Mary and JC leading the team, and three assigned to developing modules for the OUR (A, Joanne, and Benj) with Ma’am Via and Sir Kyl.

Sam, JS, and I went to talk to Ate Mila about administering the SET. It appears that even the people who administer the evaluation don’t know all the steps in the process, or who has access to what information. Ate Mila recommended we go talk to Sir Evangel Quiwa. We then set up an appointment with Sir Quiwa to interview him about the complete process that the SET goes through, since he seems to be the guy who knows the most about the whole process. He’s a very busy man, but he was nice enough to accommodate us and our many questions.

We ended the week with a still rather vague idea of the process the SET goes through (some of the information we got contradicted with the information written here).

Our “lessons” officially ended that week, as Peter (who served as our ‘mentor’) was graduating at the end of the week–with Latin honors! Congratulations, Peter! He dropped by and brought dinner for everyone on the 23rd.


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