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May 1, 2010

1st week at Smart

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27 April 2010. Welcome to the amazing world of Smart! That’s what you will hear when you call their hotline. Today is the first day of my internship at Smart Communications. I work at the 22/F of Smart Towers along Ayala Avenue.
I thought I was to start working last April 19 but the supervisor told me that a Human Resources Department employee will call me once the supervisor’s boss approves of accepting more on the job trainees. I finally knew the result last 26 April 2010 and today is my first day.

Hello World! As what a new programmer writes in his first computer program but for me, Hello Smart! Hello real world! And hello, I’m the only intern and UP student in the office.

Call it a CS 165 review but one of the team I am working with, Ma’am Jennie, gave me a course book from Oracle University–it’s about Oracle RDBMS. She told me that I should start grasping the features of Oracle RDBMS that are not found in MySQL.

28 April 2010. This day, Ma’am Joyce, oriented me on what I am going to do. I’m assigned to create a reporting system on statistics. They need some tweaks on the current reporting system. The technologies involved are Java, Oracle DB and Shell scripting.

It’s been a year since I have done Shell scripting and I need to review all about Shell scripting again from CS 145 and CS 140. Good thing that I didn’t delete all my files from these two CS subjects.
Oracle RDBMS, on the other hand, is a similar but a little different story. I still needed to review SQL statements from CS 165 and I still need to learn the functionalities some relational database systems don’t offer and only Oracle RDBMS has.

29 April 2010. It’s a not so good day today. Whole day long, I wasn’t able to make a progress with the project assigned to me because Ma’am Joyce was not around. She was supposed to issue the credentials I needed to access Smart’s database server so that I can proceed with development. The only thing that I was able to do today was to read the project’s source code.

Smarts internet connection speed is blazingly fast, except for Websense.

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  1. Wow, Smart Communications.

    Pacheese burger ka naman!

    Burger! Burger!

    Comment by bernardojr — May 2, 2010 @ 12:03 am

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