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May 1, 2010

CRS Week 3 (April 19 – 23)

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During my third week at CRS, we were already given the module that we should develop. We were divided into two groups one to make the Students Evaluation of Teachers with Mary and JC and another to make OUR modules with Ma’am Via and Sir Kyl. I was assigned to develop the SET module together with Jaye, Sam, and Maxine.

To get a better grasp about the task at hand we started with data gathering we did some research and interviews. We asked students about their perception about the existing Students Evaluation of Teachers (SET) and asked about their opinions about the computerization of the SET. Regarding the computerization of SET the students but I could say that majority of them accepts the idea. We also asked ate Mila and Sir Quiwa to determine the SET process in our college and to know what is its use. I also asked few professors that i know that are apart of the college of engineering to determine the similarities and differences in the processes of SET. We also saw a site about the SET which can be viewed here.

We also had a post-mortem analysis. Where in the team shared their thoughts and stories about previous happenings. They spoke about the importance of problem handling, workarounds, weighing of importance, time management, logical thinking and common sense. Many things have been discussed and during the end of the discussion Sir Kyl said “talagang marami kang matututunan sa mga pagkakamali pero pwede din namang hindi ka na magkamali at yun ay kung matututo ka na sa pagkakamali ng iba”, this is one the few things that I will always remember.

Being in CRS doesn’t only mean lots of hard work and stress for sweet friendships are also built here. Kudos to kuya Peter being one of the newest additions to UP Diliman’s Creme-Dela-Creme students as he graduated cum laude. He treated us all with a very scrumptious meal as he benchmarked a new chapter in his life. We will surely miss him.


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