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May 1, 2010

Two more weeks to go!

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It has been almost two weeks now since my first day of training. It has been also easy for me to adjust because the people at NSCPI are very much accommodating. Sir Alvin, Sir Marvin and the people in the Research and Development Department have been guiding us very well also.

How’s the project going on? Well, we have accomplished some tasks and quite comfortable already with VB.NET and ASP.NET. However, we have had a lot of difficulties dealing with web development since it is a very far different approach compare to windows based applications, whereas we have to deal with two things: the server side and the client side.

I have no problems waking up early in the morning and going to work. The food there is always delicious. I also think that my internship is a good timing because at office, since it is air-conditioned,  I do not have to deal with the heat that summer brings. The work isn’t also physically tiring, but it is – mentally. I always get my eyes tired at work. I feel like sooner or later I will really get my eyes damaged, and no matter how much I take care of them the nature of my work will just keep me from doing so.


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