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May 1, 2010

Working during labor day

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Yes, it is a saturday and I am still coding for Orange. Let’s just say that my progress this week was minimal, actually,  smaller than minimal. I thought that having a work schedule and my own workspace would help me in coding. Unfortunately, that was not the case. I think I got distracted with my shiny iMac, which I also found difficult to set up. Or maybe the fact that I wasn’t able to complete my task last Tuesday had an effect on my work week.

I won’t go all emo and rant about how disappointed I am of myself for not being able to complete my tasks on schedule. Instead, I would share what I did during my 8 hour stay in the Department. Even if I didn’t have that much progress, I did do work and I did sit front of the computer screen for the majority of the time.
My Workmates
But first, I would like to talk about my workmates or my summer buddies, as we would call ourselves. Being the interns of the Department, Isa, Mich and I decided that we would stay in the CVMIG lab, instead of me being in CVMIG and the two working from WSG. We formed a small group so that we wouldn’t feel lonely. Believe me, I have experienced being alone in the lab and it is a very lonely experience.

Starting last Wednesday, the three of us would be in the lab and would try to do our work. If we have reached a point wherein we couldn’t think anymore, we would take a break and just talk or had fun. We also had some of our batchmates visit us and we’d chat for a while.

Other Experiences

Since the three of us are work buddies, we would have lunch together. We would go out and just talk and rant about how minimal our progress are. One of our most memorable lunch breaks happened last Friday. We decided to eat in the College of Engineering, since I had a transaction in the ESC. And we rode one of those Electronic Ikot Jeepneys. It started out as a joke, we approached the driver and asked if the jeep was accepting passengers since it was painted in the jeep that it was giving free rides. But then we realized that the reason why the jeep was there was because it carried a Businessman who went to the department. We were a bit disappointed because we wanted to ride the jeep. But then, as we were waiting for an ikot, the electric jeepney stopped and asked where we were going and we got a free ride in the end. During the ride, we got to talk to Professor Joydeep Dutta who was from the Asian Institue of Technology. It was too bad that we didn’t get a picture of us riding the jeepney. We were too amazed with the fact that we actually got to ride it for free.

Progress So Far

As for my work progress, I did help Sir Mike in creating the passwords for the graduating batch. I was the one who re-arranged the list of the graduates, which meant spending about 2 hours straight just stairing in front of the computer for something that didn’t involve coding. It was a good thing that I have the Masterlist of graduates, care of the ESC, wherein the firstname, middlename and lastname are written in separate cells. If I didn’t have this, I would take more than 2 hours to process that list.

As for the coding part, I have managed to the retrieving password part of my module. Now all I have to do is to create the code for sending that retrieved password to the user’s email.

I have to say that I did have a hard time figuring out how the GWT framework exactly works. I’m not used to having code that is purely for the server-side and for the client-side. I am used to just being able to create instances of classes and have classes that just manipulate the database. I had to remember that database manipulation is only done in the server-side. Another thing that I had to get used to is creating Asynchronus interfaces. I never had to do that in my three years in Computer Science.

And as for my progress, I am happy to say that it is not minimal anymore. Though I am amazed that something that I have been attempting to do for 3 days, I got done in less than an hour during labor day, a day where in I’m supposed to be resting from doing work. Maybe the isolation I had a while ago had an effect on my coding abilities. And maybe watching a marathon of Flash Forward helped as well. Anyway, I am just happy that I got to do some work and coded something that actually worked. I am not as disappointed with myself as I was during the week, work-wise.



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