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May 2, 2010

CRS Week 4 (April 26 – 30)

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The fourth week started out with the presentation of plans for SET. We presented our plans to Sir Kyl, ma’am Via and the rest of the interns. We presented out paper prototypes and JC presented the database design. Sir Kyl and Ma’am Via gave a lot of comments for improvement. The rest of the week was spent on refurbishing and embellishing our design. We tried to solve the flaws that was noticed in our previous design and check out if our solution have side effects. We started coding out our prototypes. We did a lot of code digging, searching for existing code to reuse. We found plug-ins and libraries both online and within CRSs codes that we think would be useful in our module.

What i learned this week is that in doing a project, specially when you are still just in the prototype phase, you should concentrate on baking the cake. Add frostings and icings later. With our discussions, I also learned that it is important to consider the future and make a project that could innovate. A project that would bring lots of opportunities. I believe that the SET can be a good tool to improve the quality of our education and i really hope that our project be a part of that realization.


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