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May 2, 2010

First Sprint for LeaveApp

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Blog #6

April 29, 2010 ( Thursday )

I am not feeling well today, I’m having a bad headache -_-. But still, I have to go to work.

I continued working on the UI and how to save the selected radio buttons and checkboxes. My team mate andrew is also doing the same thing, thea, another team mate is not around. When Red arrived, some changes have to made on our work he said. Additional functionalities like search, will be added. He teached andrew how to do it, but I did not join them, andrew will be teaching me later or tomorrow.

April 30, 2010 ( Friday )

Last day of first Sprint!!!

We have to finalize out tasks today, fortunately, I am done with my tasks, Yey! I got the updated version from my team mate where saving the levels picked is already done. I updated my UI for the pages and tried to study the code from my team mate. I also started studying tag libraries in grails using the grails documentation and some examples. These tag libraries will be used in our next sprint where we should apply these levels of access on each user.

In the morning an android training was held but I did not attend ( because I already had one ), after that we had lunch with the Orange and Bronze administration; CEO Calen Martin Legaspi, CTO Butch Landingin and the HR Department Head. The lunch was delicious and it was fun!

Around 4pm, we started our second sprint planning. Our Project manager was not around, so another person, Lucar, was the one who headed the team. Red, our trainer was also busy doing some work. We have many lessons learned from the first sprint, so for this sprint planning, we made better estimation of the tasks. Sadly I cannot share our LeaveApp Backlog here due to confidentiality ^_^. Next week we have a lot of work to do, we will also have a demo with COO Joel Tanangonan, good luck to us ^_^. Non working holiday on monday!!! Yey!


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