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May 2, 2010

Summer so bipolar

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My relationship with the bipolar weather is lately becoming more personal, so..

The first sign of dark clouds appeared this week. Yes, the most wanted dark clouds that will bring rain. After hitting the hottest temperature this summer (37 point something degrees Celsius), rain will cool everything at last! But but but it was too shy to pour hard, the air turns humid than cool and causes only that sticky after-lotion feeling. Sad face everyone. 😦

On to the non-sticky things, I am getting more familiar with objects and event-handling in Flash Actionscript 3. Our first pseudo-project (by pseudo, I mean that we used only dummy data) which involves creating our own pop-up description box and filtering dynamic objects with a drop down menu has been handed to sir Joel. The next pursuit is largely leaning on the current trend on digital publishing aka Flippies which I believe are inspired by the Flip books that we know. We have been Googling about this, there are tons of versions but the good ones are all commercial ones. Thus, clicking next and next and next on search engine results can become saddening. Until at last, we found an open-source version of it. But getting it to work the way we want is not exactly discovered yet. There is still much to Google, read and learn.

So far, so sad, until we were cut off momentarily from that part by Sir Nelson. He seems to like our Flash outputs and is seeing bright future with them. So we were asked to make another one that pretty much does the same thing with regards to objects and events-handling plus a little on photo-chopping (chopping up a photo in parts) which is my favourite. I hope we get good feedbacks on that.

As for the next pursuit, I am still not at peace but I have hopes on this. Huge hopes. And again, the title follows my previous posts. 😛

~ Reg



  1. By flipbook, can you guys actually bend the bitmap so it’ll look like you’re actually flipping a page? Not just modifying width/height/skew, but as it looks like you’re rolling paper.

    Comment by bernardojr — May 2, 2010 @ 12:49 am

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